[scribus] PDF & Transparency problem printing

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins at mardigrafe.com
Mon Jul 7 07:42:58 CEST 2008

pat.higgins a écrit :
> Hi
> I'm new to this list, and a newbie to DTP in general and
> Scribus in particular.
> I'm using Scribus to make a booklet for a/my first music CD.
> I've had some success on-screen with pictures, layering,
> shapes, and text boxes ( combining them, and getting the
> text to be the background image..... ) looks real pretty,
> however I struck a problem when exporting.
> I'm exporting to PDF ( expecting to produce a .PDF to print
> the finished product ), and when I do this , it flattens the
> levels, and I lose the transparent content.
> Adobe have some documents that describe the problem,but I
> haven't seen a single clear solution, I read on the Scribus
> site, "select PDF 1.4 to support transparency..." which I
> have done. I'm running Scribus on Windows XP and
> Adobe Reader.
> The PC I created the .PDF has Adobe 7 installed, and the PC
> ( at work ) I tried to print the file from has Adobe 8.1. (
> I don't have a printer on my home PC ).
> I believe the problem is with Adobe 7 ( on the home machine
> ) as exporting to .PDF stripped the transparent objects out,
> so that I was left with text and no background image, which
> had been there earlier... ). Scribus pre-flight complained
> about "objects have transparency" , so I clicked the ignore
> button not realising the impact.

Hi Pat,

AFAIK, it should work.

Now, if you get a warning from the preflight verifier that some objects 
on your page have transparency, then it means that you haven’t used PDF 
1.4 but have selected PDF 1.3 or PDF/X-3.

Otherwise this is an issue that have to be investigated. I am testing 
here on a Mac with and everything works fine.

In Acrobat, you also should make sure that in the Preferences you check 
the option Display overprint (I am translating from French so it might 
not be exactly that wording).

There is lots to read on PDF formats. You can start there:


> How do I fix it, it seems non-trivial.....
> Thanks for any advice.
> Pat Higgins

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