[scribus] PDF & Transparency problem printing

pat.higgins pat.higgins at clear.net.nz
Mon Jul 7 05:49:36 CEST 2008

I'm new to this list, and a newbie to DTP in general and
Scribus in particular.
I'm using Scribus to make a booklet for a/my first music CD.

I've had some success on-screen with pictures, layering,
shapes, and text boxes ( combining them, and getting the
text to be the background image..... ) looks real pretty,
however I struck a problem when exporting.

I'm exporting to PDF ( expecting to produce a .PDF to print
the finished product ), and when I do this , it flattens the
levels, and I lose the transparent content.

Adobe have some documents that describe the problem,but I
haven't seen a single clear solution, I read on the Scribus
site, "select PDF 1.4 to support transparency..." which I
have done. I'm running Scribus on Windows XP and
Adobe Reader.

The PC I created the .PDF has Adobe 7 installed, and the PC
( at work ) I tried to print the file from has Adobe 8.1. (
I don't have a printer on my home PC ).

I believe the problem is with Adobe 7 ( on the home machine
) as exporting to .PDF stripped the transparent objects out,
so that I was left with text and no background image, which
had been there earlier... ). Scribus pre-flight complained
about "objects have transparency" , so I clicked the ignore
button not realising the impact.

How do I fix it, it seems non-trivial.....

Thanks for any advice.
Pat Higgins

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