[Scribus] Strange behavior when opening files.

Richard eyelagui
Sat Jan 26 23:48:34 CET 2008

Every time i open a file, i see progress bar go slowly from 0 to 100%, 
it takes no longer than 30sec on my biggest file. But, after that i have 
to wait about another minute with my cpu at 100% load and hard disk 
blinking about once every second or two.
This does not happen on linux, it there any explanation?... i even 
disabled antivirus and every other task running.

El 24/01/2008 07:11 p.m., Richard escribi?:
> I have recently installed Kubuntu Gutsy, and off course Scribus 
> right out of package as other 5 or 6 apps right after installing.
> Then i opened a project i was made under XP, and then ... surprise!!!
> It opens much much faster than it does in XP. When opening a .sla in 
> XP it takes some "extra" time after the green bar on the botton 
> completes, some times even 1 minute, wich does not happen on Linux.
> Also, when scrolling on XP if any other window is open (Arrange Pages, 
> Properties) it regenerates all screen for each line, again it does not 
> happen on Linux or without extra windows open.
> Does anybody knows or can tell why those strange lags when opening or 
> scrolling?
> I have an nVidia gForce 6600GT/256Mb, SATA Hard Disks, an Athlon 
> (Barton) 3000+ CPU, and 1Gb RAM.
> Even with Compiz Fusion working and plenty effects my performance is 
> better in Linux (please, don't blame XP; Mozillas, Inkscape, Blender 
> and OOo have no diffs)
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