[Scribus] Performance on Linux vs. XP.

Richard eyelagui
Thu Jan 24 22:11:32 CET 2008

I have recently installed Kubuntu Gutsy, and off course Scribus 
right out of package as other 5 or 6 apps right after installing.
Then i opened a project i was made under XP, and then ... surprise!!!
It opens much much faster than it does in XP. When opening a .sla in XP 
it takes some "extra" time after the green bar on the botton completes, 
some times even 1 minute, wich does not happen on Linux.
Also, when scrolling on XP if any other window is open (Arrange Pages, 
Properties) it regenerates all screen for each line, again it does not 
happen on Linux or without extra windows open.
Does anybody knows or can tell why those strange lags when opening or 
I have an nVidia gForce 6600GT/256Mb, SATA Hard Disks, an Athlon 
(Barton) 3000+ CPU, and 1Gb RAM.
Even with Compiz Fusion working and plenty effects my performance is 
better in Linux (please, don't blame XP; Mozillas, Inkscape, Blender and 
OOo have no diffs)
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