[Scribus] Using .pdf images (Philipp Klaus Krause)

Phil Mendelsohn phil
Fri Jan 25 16:23:09 CET 2008

> How does use of .pdf in image frames work in Scribus? Is some external
> program / library used?
> I can no longer use the attached .pdf file (the frame just shows the
> crossed red lines).
> I worked some time ago.
> I use Scribus 1.3.4 from the scribus-ng Debian package.

I ran into some trouble with this on the same package, also Debian.

Some .pdf would load, but others would not.  I noticed that some of 
those .pdfs that didn't load seemed to be multi-page.

Not sure why, but some applications (OpenOffice) would generate blank 
pages that didn't show up in previews, but would in acroread or xpdf, I 

You might check the .pdfs themselves.  (Too bad we have to use them in 
the first place, eh?)

Phil M

"Nothing is too small to know, and nothing too big to attempt."
--Sir William Cornelius Van Horne

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