[Scribus] How was bleed issue for perfect binding resolved in 1.3.4?

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Thu Jan 17 14:23:19 CET 2008

2008/1/8, Hedley Finger <hfinger at handholding.com.au>:
> I have just been reading 0000129 re bleed functionality, particularly
> in the gutter.
> If the publication is to be sewn and backed, burst and glued, or
> bound by any other method that preserves the spine fold, you don't
> need bleed on the gutter edge of the page.
> However, if the publication is to be perfect bound, the spine fold is
> trimmed and roughened so that typically 2--3 mm is removed.  In this
> case you do need a bleed and if a graphic or type spans the gutter,
> then the part of the image that falls within the bleed margin needs
> to be duplicated on the gutter side of each of the facing
> pages.  (When trimmed, the image needs to be continuous across the
> cut edge, of course.)
> Reading the issue 0000129 notes, it is not clear how this issue was
> resolved and implemented.


Bug  0000129 was about bleed only. Bleed has been implemented in 1.3.4cvs as
per the bug's notes. The developpers are asking that a separate bug on
"taking care of specific margin issues with spanning elements on facing
pages" be made since 0000129 is now closed. Bug 0002683 seems to be the
right one for this discussion now.

Since we have a bug report number for this issue, I think we should add our
notes there to ease the reviewing and help the developpers.

Will Scribus automatically duplicate the
> bleed portion of the spanner on output to PDF?  Of do you have to do
> this yourself, in effect pasting in the image twice, once on each
> facing page, suitably offset to ensure duplication in the bleed
> area?  Tricky, as you can't see the bleed area in the gutter because
> it is (sensibly) hidden.  It would be nice if 1.3.5/6 did this for you.

Tricky. I agree. The difficult part of making this automatic is that each
case is different and it is difficult for the user to have the reliable info
from the printer or binder. But again, let's pursue on the bug tracker!



> Hedley
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