[Scribus] correct-size booklets in Windows??

Eddie Armstrong eddie_armstrong
Thu Jan 17 12:25:37 CET 2008

I am printing a CD booklet: my printer is Canon Pixma 3000
page size 120mm, two pages on A4, duplex .

If I use Scribus + Canon printer setup using 'booklet' in the driver 
settings this does the imposition and layout nicely and allows you to 
specify the 'margin' between the two pages but when I print the pages 
come out right (correct imposition, close together on the paper two to a 
sheet,  both sides lined up  etc) but are too big!

If I export to pdf and use Adobe print settings for booklet the 
imposition is done, the pages are the correct size but Adobe very kindly 
inserts a 1/2" 'margin' on the inner edge of each page (actually making 
the pages further apart making the booklet a 1/2" too wide and giving a 
nice 1" white highway down the middle of my booklet.)

Can anyone help?
I am sooo close to printing a nice multi page booklet

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