[Scribus] Fw: a bit off-topic: Tool to add notes to PDFs??

flaco inconcluso
Tue Jan 15 18:13:57 CET 2008

Thanx everyone for this lots of answers. Maybe Mike's reply could be a
trace to follow; i'll try it. Unfortunately Adobe doesn't allow me to have
a look at the linked page.
About the other suggestions:

">the easiest way we can help here is to suggest you send back and forth
>the Scribus file, to which PDF annotations can be added.

-> Well, would be, and you wouldn't have to make around with a PDF anyway.
But I can't commit my co-workers to learn how to use Scribus. And I don't
want anyone of them to fool around in the .sla.

">PDF::API2::Annotation, 2.001.
>Have you checked this perl module? It should be easy-to-use, if you are
>reasonably familiar with perl and pdf.
>From the POD:
>$ant->text $text, %opts
>    Defines the annotation as textnote with content $text and options
>%opts (-rect and/or -open)."

-> Sorry, we are social activists, using computers for communication and
production. We have yet much to do tryin to use the progs, complying with a
minimum of security against data loss and misuse. No one knows nothing
about programming, as far as I know.

> I think annotation support was added to KPdf for KDE 4. That might be a
> pretty big thing to get installed just for PDF annotations, though.
-> I don't think I can get them to use a new OS, just to send me some
notes. (Even if there are lots of reasons to change to Linux, and I know
they are.)

> Can you do it with Gimp?
>Well, you could convert it to a pixel graphic and write some text on it
>with any application, but that's not what I want - I want PDF comments.

-> True, but imagine 16-24 pages as pixel graphics. I think, that would
smash lots of inboxes.

Thanks anyway to everyone. Maybe some day a prog like PDFCreator will be
able to do something like this...



Mike Seifried schrieb:
> It appears that your can add comments to a document using Adobe reader
> if commenting is enabled in the document. See here
> <http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Reader/8.0/help.html?content=WS58a04a822e3e50102bd615109794195ff-7e80.html>.
> However, I don't see an option is Scribus to do generate a pdf file with
> this feature enabled.
> Mike Seifried
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> Hej Guys!
> Does anyone out there know a easy-to-use cross-platform tool that allows to
> put annotations into an existing PDF-document?
> Background: I'm doing the lay-out of a magazine and there are others that
> do the final checks. (far,far away.) I send the PDF to them, but until now
> its kind of nasty: they have to send me texts like: "On page 3, second
> column at the left border of the image text flow is nasty."
> I would like to find a way that they could put a mark/note/something at
> that place in the doc just saying "nasty!" (for example)
> Like it was in good-old-paper-based-times: do a print, take a red pencil
> and on we go. Just doing it per email.
> Thanx, flacote
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