[Scribus] Version Numbering

Roger hovergo
Mon Jan 14 23:25:10 CET 2008

 >> On the other side, the growing gap between 1.3.3.* and 1.3.* would
 >> justify  much bolder difference in version numbers.

I can see the merits of a revised versioning system, however the current 
versioning system works, it isn't broken.

As I see it, the version numbering problem stems from the wide spread release of 
too many unstable versions.
A simpler solution may be to not release the odd number versions to everyone as 
these seem to be raising the issues discussed.

Instead list the odd number versions in a separate menu/list not readily visible 
to the seeker and just list the 2 latest working versions, the one that works 
and the new release even number version for those willing to experiment.

If a seeker wants to get into more depth in experimentation a simple message to 
the list could direct them to unstable versions.

I would agree that sub versions after 10 could step up into the next stable branch.


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