[Scribus] Scribus - Fonts mix-up - it's bad

Brian Astill bastill
Sun Jan 13 13:45:13 CET 2008

On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 05:53:30 am avox wrote:
> John McKeag wrote:
> > Thinking to improve my copy of Scribus I decided to download
> > truetype fonts using synaptic.
> > Now I've got no fonts at all in Scribus, and I cannot reload
> > Scribus as the file "msttcorefonts" won't go away.
> I think we need some more information to do that:
> what OS / distro?
> what version of Scribus?
> how do you tell that there are no fonts in Scribus? Scribus
> only "forgets" fonts when they are removed from disk (or maybe
> if the fontconfig info is destroyed)

As synaptic is a  .deb package manager it is highly likely that 
the OS is Linux and that the distro is Debian based. The 
questioner seems to be rather new to their system, so it would be 
a reasonable guess that they might be trying Ubuntu.

http://penguinfonts.com/ has a large selection of fonts and "how 
to" install instuctions for all the major distros.

sudo fc-cache -s -v   will rebuild fontconfig,

Scribus can "forget" fonts - it has forgotten three  of mine - 
including Gargi 1.7 which had been its default.  However, 
forgetting all of them is most unlikely.  


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