[Scribus] Did you forget to include locales?

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Jan 11 11:57:52 CET 2008

Axel Bojer wrote:

> * I suppose I will have to buil again to make this work, because the 
> only place I find this file is in the build directory. But perhaps:
> * Can this be corrected manually, f.i. by just changing one line manually?

It is possible to install the .qm files by hand to the correct location. 
  If I'm not mistaken you can just copy scribus/qm/*.qm in the build 
directory to share/scribus/translations in the install directory. For 
example, if you compiled in $HOME/build/scribus-133x and installed to 
/usr/local :

sudo cp $HOME/build/scribus-133x/scribus/qm/*.qm \

> * diff /root/scribus- 
> /root/scribus-
> gives that they are identical. Do you mean both, then?

Those files tell the build tools how to compile files and where to 
install them. The problem is that the new version of Scribus looks 
somewhere different for translations, but the install scripts are still 
putting them in the old location.

This probably happened because almost nobody who regularly builds the 
software uses "configure" - they all use CMake, and the CMake files have 
been updated to install the translations in the new location.

> * Do this affect also thos who has build with ./configure and make?

If I understand the situation correctly it affects only those who build 
with configure and make.

Craig Ringer

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