[Scribus] Did you forget to include locales?

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen
Fri Jan 11 10:09:20 CET 2008

avox schrieb:
> Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
>> Morning folks,
>> Just downloaded and compiled and found it only runs in English 
>> locale. The first time I called the Preferences dialogue, German was 
>> still mentioned and checked, the second time German was gone and English 
>> was the only locale offered.
>> Anyone else here who had this?
> Strange, you are the second one who complains about that.
> In the install location of the translations changed from
> lib/scribus to
> share/scribus/translations. Manually moving all *.qm files to that place
> should
> enable all locales again.
> What distro are you using? Do you build with CMake or configure? I'm pretty
> sure the CMake build installs the qm files at the right location.

I'm using an older Suse 9.1 and installed with configure.

There is a /usr/lib/scribus but there is no /usr/share/scribus 
directory. So I made one and a subdirectory translations and copied all 
the qm-files from /usr/lib/scribus to there, but still no German, only 

Do you have any more ideas?


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