[Scribus] Many Versions = 2

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Jan 8 21:54:01 CET 2008

> In my mind, the confusion about the existing snapshots is that on
> www.scribus.net , in the "News" section, there is a prominent link to the
> 1.3.4
> release announcement, and at scribus.sourceforge.net, there are 1.3.4
> rpms and a Windows installer. However, the recommendation is to use
> 1.3.5 instead, for which there has been no similar announcement, and
> for which there don't seem to be any snapshots at sourceforge. So (as
> the development version) 1.3.4 is publicized and available, but not
> recommended, whereas 1.3.5 is unpublicized and unavailable, yet
> recommended.
> Maybe the confusion would be cleared up by an announcement in the
> "News" section of the site that 1.3.5 is the recommended "development"
> version, with links to 1.3.5 snapshots at sourceforge.

1.3.5 is not the "recommended" development version - that is 1.3.4. We do not 
recommend an unstable unreleased svn version normally. We have two 
recommended versions: for stable use
1.3.4 for development/testing use

1.3.4 has bugs that are being fixed in its next-in-line version, 1.3.5. Once 
1.3.5 is released, there will be an announcement deprecating & replacing 

Please stop spreading the confusion by talking about recommendations to use 
1.3.5svn for real work. It is not ready for this at all. It is there for 
testing that its bugs, and 1.3.4 bugs selected to be fixed in 1.3.5, are 

For normal work:
For testing 1.3.3.x bugs: (yes, it's already different to
For testing and experimenting: 1.3.4
For testing and expermenting with 1.3.5 before its release: 1.3.5svn


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