[Scribus] Many Versions = 2

Eric Watson wasnotrice
Tue Jan 8 21:27:48 CET 2008

On Jan 8, 2008, at 1:56 AM, Craig Bradney wrote:

>> On Jan 7, 2008, at 3:47 PM, Hedley Finger wrote:
>>> At Tuesday, 8/01/2008, 03:29 AM;, you wrote:
>>>> I think that offering periodic packaged versions of the recommended
>>>> development version would help to clear up this confusion.
>>> Would it be that hard?  Usually packages/installers are built by
>>> make/cmake/ant scripts.
>> I don't know if it would be hard or not...I haven't ever tried to
>> create an installer. I guess I assumed there was something
>> complicating the matter, since there don't seem to be any packaged
>> versions of 1.3.5 available. I would be interested in learning how to
>> package Scribus, so we could make it easier for folks to get started
>> and taste the new features under development.
>> If it's simple, all the better!
> We do create snapshots for Windows, but do not circulate them widely  
> due to
> the confusion that snapshots can cause (take this versioning issue  
> as an
> example). Once we revamp the www.scribus.net website I think we will  
> do this
> more publicly.

Oh, that's good to hear that there do exist Windows snapshots. Is  
there one of 1.3.5 that I could try?

In my mind, the confusion about the existing snapshots is that on www.scribus.net 
, in the "News" section, there is a prominent link to the 1.3.4  
release announcement, and at scribus.sourceforge.net, there are 1.3.4  
rpms and a Windows installer. However, the recommendation is to use  
1.3.5 instead, for which there has been no similar announcement, and  
for which there don't seem to be any snapshots at sourceforge. So (as  
the development version) 1.3.4 is publicized and available, but not  
recommended, whereas 1.3.5 is unpublicized and unavailable, yet  

Maybe the confusion would be cleared up by an announcement in the  
"News" section of the site that 1.3.5 is the recommended "development"  
version, with links to 1.3.5 snapshots at sourceforge.

> Linux and OSX are dead easy to build anyway, the docs.scribus.net and
> wiki.scribus.net pages include build instructions.

I agree. I had no trouble building 1.3.5 for aqua on OSX, following  
the wiki instructions. But I gather Windows isn't quite as easy to  


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