[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 59, Issue 5

Johannes Schwall johannes.schwall
Mon Jan 7 10:12:59 CET 2008

Hi Roger,

> > I have searched Scribus, and also the documentation, and cannot find an
> > answer to my query. With most open source software, the option to save as
> > PDF uses a logical path, that is it saves the PDF to the same folder that
> > the original document was in.
> You can save to anywhere, any folder you wish.
> <File> <Export><Save as PDF><Output to File> which is  at the very top of the
> pdf dialog. Enter any existing path here.
> I use it constantly.
> Personally, I always save to a specific folder appropriately named, not the
> Scribus folder.

I believe, you misunderstood (at least me): The question is if there's
a central place to set the standard save path. Currently, scribus
remembers the last PDF save path. This is ok as long as you stick to
one project. But as soon as I switch to another project the PDF save
path should point to the new project's path.

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