[Scribus] Scribus .sla to .html

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Jan 6 16:29:53 CET 2008

Benjamin Huot wrote:
>> What could be possible, though, was to use just some of the formatting
>> and discard others. Some manual fiddling might be useful, but anyway:
>> * Export italics and bold
>> * Case sensitive
>> * Contiguous text and not frame based (one link of chained frames  
>> before
>> the next)
>> * Images
>> * Headlines and normal text (could be difficult to distinguish though
>> in some cases). Just using h1 etc. would be possible, then <p> for the
>> smallest font.
>> * Footnotes could be a problem ...
>> For many cases though I imagine this would be better than nothing, and
>> at least giving a start basis to work upon -- Just my 2 cent :-)
> You should look at the way the LaTeX to HTML converters do this. They  
> make a hyperlinked table of contents and for footnotes they link the  
> number to another page with the reference on it. Another idea is  
> create a way to structure documents in Scribus like it is possible in  
> OpenOffice.org.
In the end, I think Scribus is simply the wrong tool for that job.
What is really needed is something that works like Scribus -- setting up 
frames, importing images, placing things with some lower level of 
precision, but then creating an html file instead of PDF. Regardless of 
some way of "translating" Scribus positioning and other features, some 
kind of manual tweaking will be necessary.


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