[Scribus] Scribus .sla to .html

Axel Bojer axelb
Sun Jan 6 11:38:17 CET 2008

Craig Ringer wrote:
> Roger wrote:
>> Is is possible to convert a Scribus file to be a web page  .html
>> Google hasn't helped me here, Has anyone done this.
> No.
> There's been talk of an HTML export plugin, but there are a variety of 
> issues that make it harder than you'd think (and less useful). Scribus 
> is designed for exact positioning and sizing of elements. HTML on the 
> other hand has to be viewable on many different sizes of screens with 
> different browsers, different font sizes, etc, so it tends to be less 
> exact about where everything goes.
> It's possible to make HTML that is always locked to exact positions and 
> sizes, but it's generally a bad idea as people with very high or low 
> detail displays and people with limited vision find it very hard to handle.
> Additionally, Scribus's text features cannot be reproduced in HTML. 
> There's no way to control kerning in HTML, and the user-agent expects to 
> do its own justification & text flow. Working around these issues would 
> probably involve writing downright awful HTML that absolutely positions 
> every character individually - and explodes into an unreadable mess when 
> viewed with non-default font sizes.

What could be possible, though, was to use just some of the formatting 
and discard others. Some manual fiddling might be useful, but anyway:
* Export italics and bold
* Case sensitive
* Contiguous text and not frame based (one link of chained frames before 
the next)
* Images
* Headlines and normal text (could be difficult to distinguish though
in some cases). Just using h1 etc. would be possible, then <p> for the 
smallest font.
* Footnotes could be a problem ...

For many cases though I imagine this would be better than nothing, and 
at least giving a start basis to work upon -- Just my 2 cent :-)

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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