[Scribus] Many Versions = 2

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Jan 4 08:31:59 CET 2008

> At Tuesday, 1/01/2008, 09:47 AM;, you wrote:
> >no one's working on 4 versions of Scribus. 1.3.3.x is the stable series
> >will receive bugfixes until a new stable version is out. 1.3.4 is
> >but work continues in the 1.3.5 development tree.
> I know that various OS projects use different versioning conventions, 
> e.g. odd numbers are stable releases and even numbers are development 
> releases.  The above quote is a little mind-boggling. V. 1.3.39 is 
> being bug-fixed (=patched, maintained) and is the stable release.  V. 
> 1.3.5 is being developed.  So what is the status of 1.3.4?  A 
> dead-end branch, stable, a big mistake, a dev version or what?  I 
> think this question is what lies behind the remark "Too many releases".

When 1.2.x was still around, we found too many people wanted the features of
1.3.0+ to be stabilised, and it was very stable for a development branch..
so we stabilised at 1.3.3. and have made that series (up to the soon to be
released and higher) our stable series.

1.3.4 was a major change of a lot of things and just the next development
release after 1.3.0, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3. 1.3.5 simply continues after 1.3.4
and as such all fixes for 1.3.4 are going into 1.3.5.

Once we decide to stop changing/adding things, we will fix the versioning
and release a 1.4.x stable and move to 1.5.x development, but until we
decide to do that, its 1.3.3.x for stable and 1.3.4+ (now 1.3.5) for


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