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Joachim Neu joachim_neu
Wed Jan 2 13:17:13 CET 2008

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avox schrieb:
> Hi Henning, great news!
> Henning Schr??der wrote:
>> To give all a small update. I worked little bit on ScripterNG:
>>  * building is easier now because I split up the plugin
>>  * before building the plugin you now have to build a generic Python
>> extension for PyQt embedding called epyqt
> Any details on that?
>>  * Javascript (QtScript) is now supported and can also call the C++ API
>>  * as an interim solution the Javascript code can also call the
>> functions of the old scriptplugin (at least some of them - the rest
>> will follow soon)
> I'm not sure that's worth the effford. While we will probably need a legacy
> mode for Python scripts, I'd hate to see new Javascripts using the old API.
Maybe we want to start the Scripter"NG" (= Next Generation) without any
old heritage from the old scripter? For old scripts we could leave the
old scripterplugin as "legacy"-mode. I think we should get rid of the
old stuff in the new scripter and start from zero.
>>  * the plugin now contains a scripting console for Python and
>> Javascript, so testing becomes easier
>> * to show how easy exporting functions to ScripterNG is, I added an
>> example for preferences
>>   * to implement a preferences API I created api_prefs.{cpp,h} and
>> added them to CMakeLists
>>   * the functions are public slots of an object called PreferencesAPI
>> where I set the objectName to Preferences and made it a child of the
>> application object.
> So ScripterNG only exports public slots and hides protected and private
> ones?
> That's good. Qt properties are always public IIRC?
> The only problem will be template classes since QOBJECT doesnt support
> those.
> /Andreas
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