[Scribus] Scribus vs Framemaker

Jan Claeys lists
Fri Feb 29 23:20:41 CET 2008

Op maandag 04-02-2008 om 09:34 uur [tijdzone +1100], schreef Hedley
> It is optimised for producing books where the layout is more or less 
> the same from page to page (except for the obvious exceptions such as 
> chapter title pages, index pages, frontmatter, etc.).  If I was 
> writing a traditional book (manual, fiction, non-fiction) I would use 
> FrameMaker for its comprehensive layout, TOC, LOF, LOT, Index, 
> cross-referencing, etc. capabilities.  It has the best table editor 
> in the business bar none, and has a limited ability to float graphics 
> and tables, i.e. if it won't fit on current page it is moved to the
> next.
> *Everything* in FrameMaker is a named style/format, from 
> cross-references, pages, colours, tables, and is able to generate 
> many reports and lists for managing a project.  It can also be 
> interfaced to content management systems.  But its colour handling 
> and profile management is weak but adequate for its purpose.  It has 
> the handy ability to assemble the  components of a TOC or Index and 
> format them in any way you wish.  It also has conditions that allow 
> you to selectively hide or reveal content, ideal when there are 
> product variants for different markets, etc.

This sounds like OOo Writer would be a better alternative to
FrameMaker...  ;)

Jan Claeys

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