[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Feb 27 19:28:03 CET 2008

Craig Ringer wrote:
> Timothy Boyden wrote:
>> I would like to see Scribus move to using an implementation of SVG as
>> it's file format and I think there a lot of good reasons for doing so -
>> industry support, extensibility, numerous applications to manipulate it,
>> it's fully documented, etc...
> Rather than basically rewriting Scribus to use SVG, I suspect it'd be 
> much more practical to extend Inkscape with DTP features. There's 
> already a little movement in that direction with things like work on ICC 
> based colour support. I'm pretty sure it'd be a vastly smaller and more 
> practical job - at only truly huge instead of nigh-impossible.
I've put a little request into the GSoC page on the wiki, perhaps enough 
to see if there might be interest.


I think the problem with expecting Inkscape to go in a satisfying DTP 
direction is that they're coming from a very different position, and 
they still have a number of non-DTP purposes to satisfy. A project could 
easily get bogged down in their own immensity -- one might as well 
suggest that Scribus add more sophisticated vector drawing such as 
Inkscape already has.

This having been said, there is always room for closer Scribus-Inkscape 
collaboration and even areas of overlap.


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