[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Feb 26 23:48:08 CET 2008


> I'm interested in developing a web-based tool that can manipulate
> Scribus docs and their XML like file structure. I would be programming
> it in PHP which has useful utilities for handling XML objects and can
> make OO objects out of XML elements. Basically the application would
> make use of predefined Scribus "Spec Ads" that can be customized via a
> web form that changes the text of tagged text elements in Scribus docs.
> Currently you can give objects a name in the properties box, but it does
> not appear to actually label or "id" the associated element within the
> file. For example, I create a text element and assign it the name of
> "tagline" in the properties box, I would expect that when I save the
> document and look at it's source code, the associated itext element
> would have an attribute named "id" with a value of "tagline". This would
> then allow me to in PHP to do a getElementById("tagline") and then have
> an object with the property "CH" which would contain the text that I
> could then manipulate.

Changes to the file format are possible, although no longer in 1.3.5 really. 
Requests can be made for 1.3.6+. I do however doubt we would put the user 
specified name in the "id" tag but reserve this for an internal reference and 
place the name in anothr tag.

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Ok, now I have to follow Carl Worth and quote/modify a reply to someone who 
posted a message on the cairo mailing list recently:

Do note that the addressee, "scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de", is a public
mailing-list with public and permanent archives. So there is
explicitly no confidentiality here. When you send a message to the list, all 
subscribers receive it, without the review of any "management" system or 

That means that one of the following holds:

1. If the message is actually confidential or contains proprietary information 
in any way, you're doing something wrong by posting this material to a public 

2. If the message is not at all confidential or does not contain such 
proprietary or protected information, you shouldn't be claiming that it is or 
does. In which case, please find a way to use an email system that doesn't 
place claims of to any of these effects on your messages. Thanks!


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