[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

Timothy Boyden tboyden
Tue Feb 26 23:18:29 CET 2008

Hi All,
I wanted to comment on and get feedback from any developers lurking on
object tag names and the associated xml elements in the 1.3.5 file
I'm interested in developing a web-based tool that can manipulate
Scribus docs and their XML like file structure. I would be programming
it in PHP which has useful utilities for handling XML objects and can
make OO objects out of XML elements. Basically the application would
make use of predefined Scribus "Spec Ads" that can be customized via a
web form that changes the text of tagged text elements in Scribus docs.
Currently you can give objects a name in the properties box, but it does
not appear to actually label or "id" the associated element within the
file. For example, I create a text element and assign it the name of
"tagline" in the properties box, I would expect that when I save the
document and look at it's source code, the associated itext element
would have an attribute named "id" with a value of "tagline". This would
then allow me to in PHP to do a getElementById("tagline") and then have
an object with the property "CH" which would contain the text that I
could then manipulate.
Tim Boyden

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