[Scribus] Problem knowing how to print a 3 fold leaflet

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Mon Feb 25 19:26:02 CET 2008

2008/2/25, Peter Nermander <peter.nermander at abc.se>:
> > Look at all the people wanting to print signatures. Some of them export
> to
> >> PDF and impose using for example Multivalent. Others design the
> document
> >> with larger sheets (2-up) and rearrange the pages.
> > Correct. Exporting PDFs and imposing a PDF is fine. It's one of the most
> > used workflow in the world.
> But what about those people making an A5 booklet by creating landscape A4
> pages in Scribus and then "rearranging" the A5 pages (contents) so they
> will print as signatures?

Those people would not be using the 3-fold or 4-fold option present in
Scribus to help them accomplish this anyway. Please let's keep on target.

Many tasks can be done both in the layout and the imposition, and in
> general anyone designing a publication should ask the printer how they
> want the source. Just becuase you can not see a use for a 3-fold split
> into 6 pages doesn't mean there is no use for it. The world is big, you
> can never know what people want to do.

I only said that unless you have means to reassemble those panels, in the
case you are making a letter-size leaflet... That's all I say

Did I mention that there is no use (in an absolute manner) for this feature
split into 6 pages? Sure there are. For instance, it could be very
convenient to layout a larger artwork that you know is going to be printed
in 3 pieces. An oversized subway ad, for instance. Then, you can already use
the 3-fold layout and prepare your document, spanning on all 3 pages of your
document. Once happy, you'll send those 3 pages to the printer who will
gladly print this as 3 large pages that will be installed side by side. No
fuss. But such an enormous ad is not a leaflet.

This is also why the developers have made it clear they won't remove the
feature now that it's there. It does work in certain circumstances, for
certain type of project, so why remove it? But at the same time, the way it
is presented now, it needs clarification. And it needs that we add to it the
option of printing/exporting those as 1 single page.

Yes, when YOU print a 3-fold broschure you want is as two pages, but that
> doesn't mean that is always the case.

This doesn't prove that the feature is missing the important "print spread"

I do agree that the way it currently looks in Scribus is confusing, but
> that doesn't mean it's bad.

Well... this at least calls for a clarification! We want to avoid confusion
and this is why I take the time to discuss this issue. It's because it's
confusing. If it was not, I would have nothing else to say than "use it, be
happy". Clearly, this is not the case.

It's flexible, since if I understand it right
> it will alow you to design documents with complicated spreads (where some
> pages have fold out flaps and other don't, or even where some pages fold
> out with a Z-fold to 3 times the size of the other pages). Sure, such a
> publication would probably have to be split for the imposition, but that
> doesn't mean the designer should need to design it as split document.

I lost you in the last sentence. The panels of a folded piece have to be
kept together. The designer is not asked to make it a split document.

Nothing in Scribus prevents anybody to design a document with "complicated
spreads". A single page document from the start will be allright.

No, the feature as is it is not flexible.


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