[Scribus] Adjusting page numbering to span multiple *.sla documents? How?

ArthurX arthurx
Mon Feb 18 23:40:21 CET 2008

Hi fooks,

Thanks a lot for making Scribus!!!
At the moment I'm using it to create an art book.
(To be honest I'm bussy with scribus and the book almost a year now.
Not full-time.)

I have divided it in a number of  chapters, each in
its own  scribus  file to facilitate a quick start up
and workable documents.
I use scribus on windows XP.

But now I want to connect all the page numbers together.

And I found a howto on this page http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Pagination.

While the webpage is good, the geek trick does not work for me.

This is the trick: "Search for the string FIRSTNUM=. And change that number"
Nothing changes in the real chapter and nothing changes in a simple 5
page empty document with only page numbers.

I know that there is surely a way, that this can be worked out.
So if you can help me,

Thanks a lot again.
The book is now 280 pages A4.

Maybe I post a compressed pdf version on my website if it's all finished.

Greetings Arthur




Arthur Stoelinga
Van Bossestraat 48
2613 CR Delft
phone +31-6-14748466

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