[Scribus] 1.3.5svn compile error on Ubuntu Gutsy

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Feb 16 16:47:17 CET 2008

Timothy Boyden wrote:
> After running the cmake process a few times and resolving dependency errors, its looking for variables to be set and I'm not exactly sure what to set them to:
In general you should not have to set these manually if everything is 
installed correctly . If you do it pretty much means there's a bug in 
the CMake scripts. Usually, though, it just means you have missing -dev 
packages or some packages are too old.

Do you have the -dev packages for Python installed?

Do you have the -dev package for Cairo installed?

What version of Cairo is installed?

Can you post the CMakeCache.txt I requested earlier (to a pastebin; do 
NOT attach it to an email to the list)?

It'd also be helpful to see the full output from running cmake with all 
the parameters you set.

Craig Ringer

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