[Scribus] Question about creating in Scribus

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen
Thu Feb 14 11:52:43 CET 2008

Craig Ringer schrieb:
> Sveinn ? Felli (IMAP) wrote:
>> One of my favorite online newspaper publishes it's paper 
>> version in a similar way, http://papeldigital.info/lt/
>> This is a flash object with ActionScript, the page 
>> thumbnails are rendered as JPEG-2000 images. The lot is 
>> either compressed or encrypted, I haven't been able to 
>> dissect these objects; anyway my win2k partition hasn't been 
>> bootable for a while (who cares) so I haven't tried recently 
>> to load those into Macromedia Flash Editor. Didn't work last 
>> time.
>> Am afraid doing this is difficult with open and free tools.
>> If you're on Linux you can check out F4L (Flash for Linux) 
>> they're now in version:  0.2.1, homepage: http://f4l.sf.net/
> The paper I work for publishes highly compressed PDFs of each edition to 
> the website (processed using Acrobat Pro). While I'm personally not 
> thrilled with the results, I get consistent feedback from users that 
> they find it fast and easy to use. The image quality is, admittedly, 
> horrible, and it's only going to be fast for someone on ADSL/cable .
> It's also a fairly cheap and easy way to publish. So all is not lost. 
> Acrobat Pro isn't cheap either, but at least it's a one-off cost.

See this link 

Take a look at our local daily paper's demo for their online offer for 
readers. Quite interesting blend of pure text/images and pdf - just try 
the buttons.


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