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"Sveinn í Felli (IMAP)" sveinki
Thu Feb 14 09:09:31 CET 2008


Xavier Colmant wrote:
> 2008/2/13, CMurray <chrystalmurray at comcast.net>:
>> I have not yet downloaded Scribus. Am curious if it is possible to create a
>> "flip page" document in Scribus that I can post to my internet site.
>> I am looking to create something similar to www.thisisfly.com
> [... snip ...]
> No. To summarize grossly : Scribus generates PDF files, with
> professional printing quality.
> The best for what you want is Adobe flash and write stuff in
> ActionScript. I even played with a free snippet of code in
> ActionScript doing the flip page effect available on the site you
> mention...
> Xavier
> _______________________________________________

One of my favorite online newspaper publishes it's paper 
version in a similar way, http://papeldigital.info/lt/

This is a flash object with ActionScript, the page 
thumbnails are rendered as JPEG-2000 images. The lot is 
either compressed or encrypted, I haven't been able to 
dissect these objects; anyway my win2k partition hasn't been 
bootable for a while (who cares) so I haven't tried recently 
to load those into Macromedia Flash Editor. Didn't work last 
Am afraid doing this is difficult with open and free tools.
If you're on Linux you can check out F4L (Flash for Linux) 
they're now in version:  0.2.1, homepage: http://f4l.sf.net/


Sveinn ? Felli

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