[Scribus] 1.3.5 svn miseries

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Feb 12 14:51:27 CET 2008

John Culleton wrote:
> Well I corrected one mistake. On svn I was asking for 13x when I should have 
> been asking for 135x.
Is development for 1.3.5 no longer taking place in trunk/ ?
>  And on the Kubuntu side I needed to install 
> build-install also.  Slackware has all the compile requirements as  standard. 
> Guess I am spoiled.
If you found you had to install more packages than the BUILDING file 
says you should have to for Ubuntu/Kubuntu, it'd be very helpful if you 
could provide a list so they can be added. That way later users won't 
have to worry about it so long as they read the documentation.
> On Slack I noted that if I linked certain include files into my compile 
> directory then errors went away. So I linked /usr/lib/Qt4-4.3.3/include 
> to /usr/include/qt4. That solved many errors. 
This suggests that the CMake Qt4 detection code might be doing something 
wrong. Unfortunately to have much idea what, a CMakeCache.txt from 
before you changed your system setup would be needed, unless there's 
someone else having issues with 1.3.5svn on Kubuntu.

Craig Ringer

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