[Scribus] Pasting text from Open Office

John Beardmore John
Sun Feb 10 19:43:56 CET 2008

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> John Beardmore wrote:

>> I'm sometimes having trouble pasting text into Scribus from 
>> open office while editing a text frame.
>> I don't need any formatting information, just the text.
>> The sequence of events I've just seen as follows.
>>     At some point a while ago copied and pasted a URL from a browser
>>     to another package.
>>     Start Scribus and edit a text frame.
>>     In open office writer can do an Alt-EC to get the text to the
>>     scratch pad.
>>     Alt-EP into text frame, but the URL from prior use is inserted.
>>     Did the Alt-EC in OOW again.  Pasted into OOW to establish that
>>     the material to be copied was in the scratch pad.
>>     Alt-EP into text frame, but the URL from prior use is still
>>     inserted.
>>     Restarted Scribus.
>>     Alt-EP into text frame, now the correct text is pasted.
>> Am I missing something obvious ?
>> Is this a known problem ?
> you don't mention which OS/distro you're using.

Sorry !

For my shame...  Windows XP, SP2 with latest patches and fixes...

> I know that in Linux/Fedora there are some curious ways that text is 
> selected for pasting, and it isn't always from the most recent copy/cut 
> action.

And I know that in ms-office, if you cut several times without pasting, 
you sometimes get an indications of multiple items on the scratch pad. 
I've never had occasion to use any of that stuff though.

> When in doubt I will check Klipper and make sure the correct 
> item is highlighted.

I don't suppose that Klipper has an equivalent in windows ?

> Usually I would import text from oowriter from a file rather than 
> copy/paste.

I'd think about that if there were significant volumes of contiguous 
text to import, but in this instance it's various paragraphs, sentences 
and phrases from various old word files.  It would be relatively messy 
to carve it up into small files and import.

Many thanks, J/.
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