[Scribus] Performance under Ubuntu 7.10

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Feb 7 13:43:50 CET 2008

Felix wrote:
> Hi togehther!
> I am about to switch from InDesign to Scribus. I'm using it mostly for 
> daily text issues. I know OpenOffice would probably be the first choice 
> here, but there I am missing some useful thing such as the direct access 
> to kerning via the nice properties menu Scribus has. All in all I am a 
> great fan of Scribus' interface.
> To the point:
> Scribus takes a lot of performance when I am marking text in a text 
> field. In the .9 version it produced such a delay during marking that I 
> found it unusable. I upgraded to .11 and its working better now, but it 
> still uses up to 50% of my processor. I am running the program on a 
> 2x2.2GHz machine.
> I switched off all desktop effects because xorg also used lots of cpu in 
> the process.
> Are there other ways to get less cpu usage?
> Other issues:
> When marking text in a text field with the mouse, the cursor has to stay 
> inside the field. That makes it pretty annoying to mark, for example, 
> the first character in the upper left corner.
> When clicking on a link in the "online" tab of help/about/, the whole 
> text vanishes but no action takes place. when opened again, the text is 
> back.
If you're doing a lot of marking and editing, best to use Story Editor 
for this -- you can update to the frame without exiting Story Editor to 
see what you're doing.


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