[Scribus] Performance under Ubuntu 7.10

Felix felix
Thu Feb 7 12:02:40 CET 2008

Hi togehther!

I am about to switch from InDesign to Scribus. I'm using it mostly for 
daily text issues. I know OpenOffice would probably be the first choice 
here, but there I am missing some useful thing such as the direct access 
to kerning via the nice properties menu Scribus has. All in all I am a 
great fan of Scribus' interface.

To the point:
Scribus takes a lot of performance when I am marking text in a text 
field. In the .9 version it produced such a delay during marking that I 
found it unusable. I upgraded to .11 and its working better now, but it 
still uses up to 50% of my processor. I am running the program on a 
2x2.2GHz machine.
I switched off all desktop effects because xorg also used lots of cpu in 
the process.

Are there other ways to get less cpu usage?

Other issues:
When marking text in a text field with the mouse, the cursor has to stay 
inside the field. That makes it pretty annoying to mark, for example, 
the first character in the upper left corner.

When clicking on a link in the "online" tab of help/about/, the whole 
text vanishes but no action takes place. when opened again, the text is 

I couldn't find out whether these are know issues.


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