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This is a brilliant idea!  One of the greatest assets of the MS Office suite, in my opinion, is the integrated clipart browser that allows seamlessly browsing and inserting clipart from the online repository.

I think it's an excellent idea.  I know I would find it very useful in my projects.


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Hello scribusites,

i think, at many times in the past, there has been loose talk of a clipart browser being integrated into Scribus, and perhaps at one time or another, something may have actually come of it.
Well, I had a crazy idea that just might work. I was interested in doing something to make Creative Commons more popular, and then I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a CC browser-type thing that integrated directly with stuff that people might want to use CC stuff in, i.e. Scribus, Inkscape, Krita, Gimp etc.

My plan:

* create a core application, for the searching and the browsing via a light GUI
* create backends for various CC repositories (openclipart.org, Flickr, local filespace, etc)
* create frontends for desktop apps (Scribus, Inkscape etc). these are merely  interfaces to the core (which will incorporate the GUI) , and facilitate the passing of data back to the host application in a form it can use. For example, for Scribus I imagine it would download an image to a preset location, import the image direct to current open document if any, and apply licensing information in some meaningful way...

I think that having a modular framework will make it easier to maintain (e.g. if Flickr changes the way searching works or openclipart.org gets a better search engine) and extend - once the core works, it should be simple to add new front or backends.

Initially I was thinking to use Python - it's cross-platform and works with Scribus/ Inkscape etc. I'm not entirely sure on what to use for the GUI - PyQT seems to be problematic at best in Scribus terms. Any suggestions?

Anyhow, please comment here to tell me: a) i'm crazy, b) a list of reasons why it will never work, c) any helpful advice. I intend to do this anyway, and have a working system by the Libregraphics meeting. Yeah, so really i am just posting here to shame myself into doing it. it doesn't actually seem that hard, though I know I will live to regret saying that.

Nick Veitch
Senior Editor
Future Publishing


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