[Scribus] User-interface design [was" Thus is has been with Scribus."]

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Feb 5 15:12:00 CET 2008

Hedley Finger wrote:
> Keyboard shortcuts and menus are not mutually exclusive.  Yes, you 
> can have both (fancy that).  And a well-designed GUI will teach you 
> what the keyboard shortcuts are so that you can progress from novice 
> to intermediate to expert:  File > Save (Ctrl-s), Edit > Copy 
> (Ctrl-c).  It's sort of handy if the keyboard shortcuts are mnemonic 
> wherever possible.  In FrameMaker you have Esc e c (meaning e=edit, 
> c=copy), etc.
If you are actually using Scribus (you write as if you perhaps are not) 
you will see that Scribus has menus, has keyboard shortcuts, has a 
toolbar with icons, so for many common operations there are at least 3 
ways of activation. And you can turn keyboard shortcuts into whatever 
you feel is a better mnemonic.

There is also the very handy F12, followed by 4-digit Unicode to insert 
whatever character you might use frequently yet not be present on your 

On a practical level, one can only remember so many shortcuts at a time, 
and sooner or later you run out of easy to remember mnemonics.


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