[Scribus] User-interface design

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Tue Feb 5 07:15:14 CET 2008

> Keyboard shortcuts and menus are not mutually exclusive.

Of course not, just look at Xemacs:-)

But then, the menus are beginner friendly, and the keyboard bindings are
user friendly.

Take a look at MS Word for example. How do you delete a row in a table? I
work A LOT with tables (have a look at any IEC or ISO test report form to
see what I mean) and the default settings suck. I have set Alt-Del to
delete the current (or selected) table row(s). That means that for a UI to
be user friendly it must be adjustable, so the user can set easy shortcuts
for the commands used most often.

> forget also used to pop up little messages like: "I see you are using
> Edit > Copy frequently.  Do you know that pressing Ctrl-c also copies
> the selection?"  How friendly!

And VERY contra-productive for a user who already knows.


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