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Chantal Rosmuller chantal
Mon Feb 4 16:23:34 CET 2008

> hard to be sure where to reply...
> I'll put a response here in case list readers are interested.
>  From the message it's a little unclear to what degree importation is
> desired. Scribus does have the ability to import Writer files and even
> apply styles, in case that is enough.
> See this for more specifics:
> http://documentation.scribus.net/index.php/Working_With_Text#ODT_Import_Exa
> Greg
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Hi Greg, I am the original poster of this question. Thanks for the link, this 
will not do however because in the example a whole file is imported. In our 
situation the office document has to be imported several times because the 
content can change, problem is however that the writers/translaters who work 
in the office document can also change the style/layout. That means that the 
layout person has to change this back in scribus every time.

We are now exploring several possibilties, making it impossible for writers to 
mess up the layout using a template in openoffice is one, another is using 
something entirely different like a wiki for the writing and importing that 
into scribus.  

Still it would be nice if a feature was developed to resolve this, I cannot 
imagine that we are the only publishing organisation with this issue? I think 
in Indesign it is possible to link to parts of office documents and 
automatically update the indesign document if changes have been made in the 
office document (I could be wrong this is how someone explained it to me, I 
myself have never user Indesign or scribus, I am a sysadmin).  

Thanks, Chantal

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