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"Sveinn í Felli (IMAP)" sveinki
Mon Feb 4 09:54:21 CET 2008

I really like this Blender-3dmax analogy.

Roger wrote:

> An example close to home for me is my daughter and her learning Blender3d.
> Dad, why doesn't blender do this or that,   ---  It does, like this.
> I can't find the nnn funcion ---- its here.
> Why aren't there any icons, yadda , yadda, yadda. ----  It doesn't need them, it
> uses hot keys.
> And it wasn't until she began using 3dmax that she realised how easy Blender
> actually was to use.

Race cars and tractors have different "UI"s, but still they 
share much of the nomenclatura.
Myself I started with 3dmax and now I'm sort of stuck 
learning Blender. My fault; I've seen advanced blender users 
work on the speed of light, I haven't taken enough time 
getting used to the UI. This means there are two learning 
curves; one for the UI and another for the 3D 
terminology/methodology. Suppose the same applies to DTP.

<snip>During my studies I found that a meager 10% of any
application is used at any one time and the remaining 
program is gone to waste. This is due to UI.</snip>

Maybe this is also due to the "one application who does it 
all" syndrome ? (as opposed to "one application with really 
determined area of interest").

-PS: in menu-intensive applications like 3dmax, photoshop 
etc. to be in a productive environment, one tends to spread 
out all those small windows/dialogs - and get yourself a 
second or third monitor. Then you start to feel the need for 
the concept of "workspaces" :-)

Good comments, instructive discussion


Sveinn ? Felli

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