[Scribus] Usability needs attention -- time for a feature

JLuc jluc
Mon Feb 4 09:47:00 CET 2008

Peter Nermander a ?crit :
> But, if I understand right, with unicode fonts things don't really work like 
> that.

What is the general frame of thought for character coding in scribus ?

Some fonts are coded with one byte and some others on 2 bytes ?

How to know ?

Is there not a user-friendly way to unify this as a UI ?

PS : I am no MS nor Ooo user.

> You should probably use the "Insert symbol" function (I'm not sure if that 
> is the correct name, I don't have Scribus in frotn of me).

First inserting the symbol, than copying it, then pasting it in the replace area
(it displays as a big point) thant selecting the good font for replacement
(it keeps displaying as a big point) and i am able to replace it.

There might be a way to replace with such special char using its 2 bytes code
(but it is not very user friendly these 2 bytes codes = 4 coded character codes)

Using special symbols (like phone, enumerations or email signs)
is not easy (the insert dialog requires many actions before effect)
that is why i use >tel: or >em: text conventions instead of them
and then replace them for the whole doc.

If there was a "usefull & easy to access few character user-library"
(as there is some kind for the container objects)
that would easen the process.

This is about usability.


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