[Scribus] Usability needs attention -- time for a feature moratorium?

JLuc jluc
Sun Feb 3 11:01:28 CET 2008

Christoph Sch?fer a ?crit :
>> Beside, it happens i tried to replace with webdings and wingdings char,
>> and the displayed char appears allways a thick square instead of
>> the awaited character.
>> Beside, that squarelooking character behave as a black hole :
>> when typing next to it, characters dont appear, as swallowed by it.
>> That is quite unusual as usability behaviour.
>> Have i done something wrong ?
> Yes, you are obiously using 1.3.4, which is a development version and not 
> declared stable. Use instead.

No, since I am aware of these for test only and stable issues.

The version i use is a supposed to be stable
from the 8 january 2008 (C*T*A Windows) with Qt 3.3.8


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