[Scribus] Bounty for true PDF handling in Scribus

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Feb 2 18:17:44 CET 2008

Matthias St?rmer wrote:

>       * Scaling: The imported PDF page can be scaled
>       * Cropping: The imported PDF page can be cropped
I should've noted in my previous post that if you want scaling and 
cropping you're almost certainly going to want to keep the existing 
frame-based import interface, since that'll keep embedded PDF consistent 
with how people already manipulate them and how they're used to working 
with images.

That'll probably mean the creation of a new derived image frame type, 
but it might be possible to get around it and keep on using the existing 
image frame type. After all, there are image formats (like TIFF) that 
have multiple pages, and most other options can apply to both PDF and 
other images. This is something you'll want to seek advice from others 
from, though, as it depends a lot on how much of the frame type cleanup 
and frame subclassing support is finnished (in other words, how painful 
is it to create a new frame type?).

Craig Ringer

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