[Scribus] Scribus beginner questions

John Thornton jdthornton
Sun Sep 30 02:58:29 CEST 2007

           Hello to my fellow Scribus devotees!
                                                                   I am a 
total beginner to both Scribus and page-design. I downloaded Scribus a week 
ago and have been playing with it since. While I am impressed with it I have 
to ask:

                                                                   [1] With 
Adobe Acrobat Reader's advanced features [I have the latest version with 
updates] , what advantages are there to using that to make documents rather 
than Scribus, and vice versa?

                                                                   [2] Can I 
make something in Scribus, and then convery it to an acrobat document for 
people who use acrobat? If I can do this, can I change the converted 
document with Acrobat's features?

                                                                   [3] With 
Scribus , I am having difficulty making a table of contents; the text from 
the story editor has to overflow to fit in my text box, and I cannot make 
the textbox bigger or the page layout fails. [The other stuff is going well 
like putting photos in, colour, removing lines to have seamless pages etc] 
Let me show what I mean:


                                                                 From the

Report on

                                                                Clearly the 
above is not as I intend.

Thornton, Melbourne , Australia.


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