[Scribus] books published with Scribus

Benjamin Huot benjaminhuot
Sat Sep 29 21:27:35 CEST 2007

I successfully self published 2 picture books with Inkscape .45 and  
Scribus from photos and drawings I created. I did that on  
Xubuntu Linux although most the drawings were designed on Mac OS X.  
Inkscape was used to vectorize the images and Scribus was used for  
layout. I have already seen the print outs and made them available  
through Lulu.com - they look great. I have previously published books  
through Lulu.com using LaTeX. The covers for all the books were  
designed in Xara Xtreme on Xubuntu Linux. The print versions are  
being sold at cost.

You can see the sources and the finished files here


The Lulu.com page is here


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