[Scribus] Header lines

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Sep 28 15:02:07 CEST 2007

Dr. Werner Popken wrote:
> Did I understand ocrrectly: Master pages cannot contain elements with
> different content on different pages except page numbers?
> If so, how can I apply a "master layout" to include ever the same text
> frames (left/right) on a page? Do I miss something here? To rest
> assured, I spent an hour or so skimming through the documents,
> experimenting, trying to find out, Googling, ... As far as I can see,
> you can only place text frames automatically when creating a new
> document. Is this correct?
> Also: If I want to have a header line showing the chapter title left
> and the section title right, for example (which is something common in
> book layout, LaTex can do this easily), I understand that this has to
> be done manually on each page (maybe copied and pasted, using the
> scrapbook) or else a Python script has to be set up doing this for me,
> right? Or by defining lots of master pages by way of duplication, the
> first one having page numbers only, then one with a header for the
> first chapter, the next one for the second chapter and so on, data
> changing with each page to be still added manually?
Check the tutorial
for a sense of how Master Pages can be used. Master Pages are the 
invariable background for other content which changes from page to page. 
You can have more than one Master Page for different sections, for left 
or right pages, and so on.
> Or is the scrapbook the tool to perform these repeating actions like
> placing text frames and placing a text frame and an image frame
> within? If so, is there a trick to place them exactly instead of
> pushing them around or correcting data via keybord in the properties
> page?
If it's going to be the same on every page or every other page, Master 
Pages probably make more sense.
If you just want to copy a frame or group and place it on one other page 
at the same XY coordinates, copy (Ctrl-C or various menu possibilities), 
then go to the page you want to place the copy and Paste (Ctrl-V).


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