[Scribus] The best way to make a book

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Thu Sep 27 09:46:47 CEST 2007

> I'd even suggest to split it up into smaller files (eg one file for each
> chapter). In its current state, Scribus doesn't handle huge amounts of text 
> very well.

Okay, no problem except that I haven't seen a solution to the problem
of joining the parts together. In particular, page numbering would be
a bit tedious if I would produce a separate PDF files (that's what I'm
heading at); also I would have to join the PDF files together into one
big PDF files. I know there are tools to accomplish this is. Would
that be the way or would I join somehow the separate sla-files into
one big file before producing the PDF?

> If you click into a paragraph, the correct information will be displayed.
> That's a known usability issue that will be addressed, I'm sure.

I know, this is what should be expected, but if I set the values for
one paragraph and click into another paragraph and click back, I
should see the previously set values -- and they are gone. The same
holds true with Optical margins; once changed in one paragraph, it is
changed in all paragraphs (at least in one direction, I didn't test
this thoroughly).

> You mean the buttons indicating alignment? If yes, that's a bug. Would mind
> filing it? bugs.scribus.net

Well, I didn't check the buttons, the text was displayed that way:
right aligned and red. I try to reproduce and file a bug report.


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