[Scribus] Signal #6 Crashes in 1.3.4

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Sep 26 19:54:19 CEST 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 00:11 +0200, Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 September 2007 00:03:45 Calum Polwart wrote:
> > I seem to get a fairly high occurrence of Fatal Signal #6 Crashes on
> > Scribus 1.3.4. (3 tonight, 2 yesterday).
> >
> > Do you want me to do anything diagnostic that might help to identify the
> > cause?  Is there a log file or anything anyplace that'd give you more
> > diagnostics?
> >
> > Tonights have all been in Story Editor.  One of yesterdays was on a
> > Master page the other I can't recall (the swearing that accompanies them
> > seems to blur the memory!)
> You can check the crashes against fixed bugs in 1.3.5svn or in unfixed bugs, 
> both of these on bugs.scribus.net. 1.3.4 code is not being touched, we are 
> solely concentrating on 1.3.5. Many issues are already fixed from 1.3.4
> Craig

Thanks craig.  So are you saying all I should need to do is search bugs
for "Signal #6 Story Editor Select" and that should find me them...  I
get nothing.  Droping the criteria to "Story Editor" does return bugs -
but nothing that is immediately obviously mine.

I think what I was trying to say is, is there a log file on my local
machine (I know about bugs.scribus.net) that might actually explain what
Story Editor was doing that generated the Signal #6 Crash - that I could
then report up the line (or - if I have time I can test the same in
1.3.5cvs and see if it will reproduce).  Trouble is as far as I know I
selected text and got a Sig #6 - but I select text all the time in Story
Editor and don't get Sig #6's... so what's the difference??

I just can't see that logging this as a bug on bugs.scribus.net is going
to help you guys find a cause - since I can't really describe the steps
to reproduce!
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