[Scribus] Adding an image dynamically

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Wed Sep 26 00:01:39 CEST 2007

Next question:

Consider a book of chapters each having a title and lots of paragraphs
and an image to the left of the first paragraph to start with. The
text is in a database and can be fetched, transformed and imported
chapter by chapter (a bit tedious, but not too bad).

Would it be a way to define a template for this having the appropriate
image frame?  Where do I find a tutorial about templates?

Where do I find something about page headers and footers? I know the
tutorial about page numbering.

I'd rather like to write a program to produce the .sla-file directly
and then do some finetuning afterwards - unfortunately the structure
of this file is quite complicated, so it would take me some time to
find out. Is this approach viable? If so, how would I do it?

I understand that this would be possible using Python, but I'd rather
not learn Python.

Thanks, Werner

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