[Scribus] Congratulations and initial comments...

scribus at bloomingpouf.com scribus
Wed Sep 26 16:20:16 CEST 2007

Asif Lodhi wrote:
> I haven't used that feature if you're talking about the "Collect for
> Output" option. But that creates a folder only when you use that
> option. I am suggesting to have Scribus create an SLA file in a
> project-directory right from the beginning and putting each image,
> that user inserts in the SLA, in the project directory.
> --
> Best regards,
> Asif
It would seem that you have a pre-occupation with Scribus having some 
form of preparatory Project File System.

It would seem that the mental jump of thinking of "Save" as "Save 
Scribus File"
"Collect For Output" as "SAVE SCRIBUS PROJECT" is all that is required 
to get what you want.

What would be useful is to have a selection  for "Archive Output" which 
takes everything in the document, no matter it's location and 
Zips/Rars/Gatherers together in one complete archive everything that is 
part of the Document/Project.... what folks are seeing on the screen. 
That way, you have only one file to transport to another location and 
when unzipped gives you everything in one place that you need to get on 
with the job. You could even have a Scribus do both at the same time - 
Collect for output and create a zipped file of the lot as well - making 
backups a little easier - al you have to back up is the zipped files.

Presently when you chose to compress the output file it's only the .sla 
that is compressed. It may be useful to have the "Choose a Directory" re 
jigged with an option to "Collect Project and Archive" - "Archive 
Project" or "Create Project Archive" so that  you have the option to  
Collect everything into a single zipped archive.


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