[Scribus] Text and spell check

John Beardmore John
Tue Sep 25 21:54:32 CEST 2007

avox wrote:
> John Beardmore wrote:
>> avox wrote:
>>> Steve Herrick wrote:
>>>> On 9/25/07, Roger <hovergo at net-tech.com.au> wrote:
>>>>> I too would like Scribus .sla to simply hold path links rather than
>>>>> inserted
>>>>> text
>>>> I thought this for a long time, but then I realized I do extensive
>>>> tweaking of kerning and other fine-grained text settings, which could
>>>> not be meaningfully saved back to a plain-text file.
>>> So we'd better use some sort of XML, no? :-)
>> ":)"  Indeed !
>>> There are several useful workflows which would benefit from external
>>> texts
>>> and it will be implemented some time in the future. 
>> Yes, though plain text might be simpler to deal with than XML ?
> Not really. Scribus needs to attach some formatting to the text, so plain
> text is unsuitable.
> Scribus would have to parse either XML or some other markup to generate
> paragraph breaks,
> tabs, pagenumbers or other formatting.

I suppose my point is that if I want to generate texts under software 
control, it's much easier to do it by outputting ASCII plain text to a 
simple file, that trying to insert it into Scribus XML.

As ever, there may be arguments for both options.

>>>> Rather than do this, I would vote for making spellchecking and other
>>>> features plug-ins that can be turned off or on at will, so folks who
>>>> never use them don't have to chew up memory with them.
>>> Sounds like a good idea. Integrating aspell or some Unicode-savvy
>>> spellchecker shouldnt be a big problem and I expect one in the near
>>> future.
>>> Not sure about wriggly lines though...
>> Inverse flashing purple ?  Dancing talking paper clip ?

> In your dreams...!  :-)
> I meant to say that live spellchecking needs some more work since the view
> has to be updated. Classical spellchecking dialog is simpler to implement.

Agreed, though most users will probably prefer live.

Cheers, J/.
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