[Scribus] Text and spell check

avox avox
Tue Sep 25 21:44:54 CEST 2007

John Beardmore wrote:
> avox wrote:
>> Steve Herrick wrote:
>>> On 9/25/07, Roger <hovergo at net-tech.com.au> wrote:
>>>> I too would like Scribus .sla to simply hold path links rather than
>>>> inserted
>>>> text
>>> I thought this for a long time, but then I realized I do extensive
>>> tweaking of kerning and other fine-grained text settings, which could
>>> not be meaningfully saved back to a plain-text file.
>> So we'd better use some sort of XML, no? :-)
> ":)"  Indeed !
>> There are several useful workflows which would benefit from external
>> texts
>> and it will be implemented some time in the future. 
> Yes, though plain text might be simpler to deal with than XML ?

Not really. Scribus needs to attach some formatting to the text, so plain
text is unsuitable.
Scribus would have to parse either XML or some other markup to generate
paragraph breaks,
tabs, pagenumbers or other formatting.

>>> Rather than do this, I would vote for making spellchecking and other
>>> features plug-ins that can be turned off or on at will, so folks who
>>> never use them don't have to chew up memory with them.
>> Sounds like a good idea. Integrating aspell or some Unicode-savvy
>> spellchecker shouldnt be a big problem and I expect one in the near
>> future.
>> Not sure about wriggly lines though...
> Inverse flashing purple ?  Dancing talking paper clip ?

In your dreams...!  :-)

I meant to say that live spellchecking needs some more work since the view
has to be updated. Classical spellchecking dialog is simpler to implement.

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