[Scribus] Congratulations and initial comments...

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn
Tue Sep 25 18:28:22 CEST 2007

Op maandag 24-09-2007 om 22:13 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef John
> Jurgen Gaeremyn wrote:
> > Op zondag 23-09-2007 om 22:56 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Craig
> > Bradney:
> >> On Sunday 23 September 2007 22:47:25 Louis Desjardins wrote:
> >>> Gregory Pittman a ?crit :
> >>>> John Beardmore wrote:
> >>>>> The first is the ability to embed images within .sla files.  At the
> >>>>> moment, if I move a document, it seems to loose all the links to
> >>>>> pictures as though relative paths were used to locate them.  While I
> >>>>> accept the principle that a lot of disk space can be saved by referring
> >>>>> to pictures elsewhere in the file system, this can be a nuisance when
> >>>>> projects are being developed on multiple machines over multiple sites.
> >>>>> For me at least, using the .sla files as a container that includes all a
> >>>>> documents images would be a huge benefit.
> > 
> > If anything, I'm quite in favor of this type of option... let it be a
> > zipped collect folder for as far as I care... 
> > 
> > Furthermore... I can really imagine myself fiddling with a layout...
> > importing a picture... not liking it ... fetching another one... still
> > not liking it... tweaking the first one in Gimp... importing that one
> > again... etc... Basically, I'd have a .sla file needing only 1
> > picture... but Scribus will become sluggish because of all the
> > copy/delete action involved in this type of collecting...
> I don't see why it need to if the rejected images are removed from the 
> collection ?

Okay... I'll spin the "live collect" issue out here... I'm getting a
certain image. Since I select the "collect all" option by default, it
collects the image and puts it in the folder... (causing a few extra
commands, some network traffic). Next I delete it... (causing the
"delete" command to be executed) etc...

Obviously, if a collect only happens upon saving, this situation is not

> > Just my first practical impression. I guess a "collect" feature is best
> > at the end. I would be happy seeing an option to save as "collected
> > sla.zip" for example. ;)
> Maybe part of my issue with this is people saying "at the end".  It 
> could be the end of the edit rather than the end of the project.
> And would the .sla file live in the zip ?  I  suppose what I'm also keen 
> on is the notion of all the resources identified so far being able to 
> live in one container.

If you ask my opinion (even though it's not that relevant, since I'm not
that big of a Scribus user) ... I'd opt for scribus being able to read
the zipped file (including the .sla) natively. One file for one complete
project. No hassles when mailing, when copying, etc...

Just my 1.5 eurocents (being somewhere around 2 cents in the US) ;)

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